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Christopher Cross versus Jimmy Buffett versus The Beach Boys.

31 Aug

Christopher Cross versus Jimmy Buffet versus The Beach Boys.

“All caught up in the revery. Every word is a symphony, when I am sailing……”
” I heard about the old time sailor men, they’d eat the same thing again and again. Warm beer and bread, they said would raise the dead but it reminds me of a menu at a Holiday Inn….”
“I sail an ocean, through restful waters and deep commotion…” (Beach Boys)

TRUE Transparency OR How I Almost F.U.B.A.R.’d my Health

18 Aug

Unlike the political figures we are dealing with, I will be truly transparent in this blog.

If you’ve been reading along, you know that I have been dealing with elevated cholesterol and triglycerides. My doctor took me off of my medication assuring me that since my cholesterol levels and triglycerides were below acceptable norms I would be okay going off of them for six weeks.

During that time I decided to pay careful attention to my diet, and I switched from a low fat animal/plant based to a low fat vegan/plant based nutrition plan. The only oils I consumed were attached to a plant.

I had my blood work done and today was the “Day of Truth”. I was SO excited to get the results. My Nurse Practitioner was running behind, but I waited patiently. When she came in and the greetings were done, I told her I was excited to hear the numbers, and that I knew they would be amazing! She said “Yeah, not really! There actually ALARMINGLY HIGH!” You’re Total Cholesterol is 259 and your triglycerides are 366.” “I want a recount!” I exclaimed. “There’s NO WAY that is correct! I have been the model for a vegan/plant based diet!” She said “Well, you can either change your diet or change your parents.”

So, back on the Advicor I go. The thing is, NOW I’m almost afraid to exercise! CRAPCICLES!

I really am trying to be positive about all of this. At least now I can again enjoy a nice buffalo burger and some sushi!  The plant based thing wasn’t difficult by any means, but just so different, and apparently not in my genetic make up.

So, stay healthy, stay happy!


A girl and her bike

16 Aug

You know, in most relationships the girl wants that big 2 to 5 carat diamond on a special anniversary. NOT ME!  Nope, I hinted and BEGGED for another bike. So, 2 years ago my husband did his research and with the help of Airpark Bikes and Steve Driscoll, I have an absolutely beauty of a bike. I had to work hard for it though.

The deal was, if I could cut an hour off of my 70.3 (Half Ironman distance) time, my husband would buy me a new bike. I gave my self a cushion and set a PR of 1:20:00!

I have been riding my trusty steed for quite a while now and he has never failed me. Maybe in part because of the Cobb design? The baby is SO aerodynamic and balanced it’s truly a dream to ride. And THAT I have been doing! Even in the heat of the desert and the incredible humidity we’ve had here lately, it’s still one of the many reasons I’m ONE LUCKIE GIRL!  And the fact that I’m unable to run for a while will keep my and this guy upright and rollin’!

Just wanted to share a bit of my week.

Keep the rubber side down.


A Diet I haden’t tried……

13 Aug

Well, here I am 6 weeks after starting  another nutrition adventure. In all honesty, I had tried the “plant based” diet a few times in the last couple of years. It went swimmingly in the first few weeks. The first time I got so tired of vegetables (that’s what I thought plant base meant) that all I was eating at the end was fat free vegan brownies. The second time went a bit better, even with a half Ironman Triathlon, the training, travel and the race it went well nutrition wise. It was the Alaska Cruise that didn’t fare well (yes, there’s a pun in there).

I had written to Princess Cruise Line to let them know that I needed a Vegan Diet. Our first dining experience went something like this: Me “Good evening. Umm, do you have a Vegan Menu?” Maitre D “Yes, it would be these three items on the menu.” She said in a heavy Eastern European accent. Me ” These have butter and cream in them. They are Vegetarian, but not Vegan.” Maitre D “Yes, these are the three items you have.” End of conversation. I had salad for every lunch and dinner and ate the vegetables from the buffet. THEN we went on the Taku Lodge excursion. I mean, seriously, how does ANYONE deny alderwood smoked salmon fresh from the waters in front of you? Well, I DID NOT deny myself. And it was amazingly tantalizing to my taste buds! As well as the rest of the meal! That was the end of the plant based diet for a few years. Oh, I did manage to LOSE 5 pounds on the cruise. That should go down in the history books.

Now, back to current nutrition. As I stated in my first blog, I have been taken off of my cholesterol inhibiting medication secondary to having muscle fatigue that is not related to exercise. (I’ve been training/racing Age Group triathlon for about 8 years, so I’m pretty familiar with the exercise fatigue/muscle building soreness). So, I decided to do Plant Based once again, hoping to keep my numbers in the “acceptable” range.

I realized, after even more research, that being Plant Based doesn’t mean JUST VEGETABLES in the “Green Vegetable” sense. In all of my nutrition challenges I have had it pounded into my head to avoid, at all cost, starches/carbohydrates unless I am training/racing. And that is what I had been doing. So, enter into my nutrition world Chef A.J., and Dr. Mcdougall. WOW! I eat more starches than I ever thought I would be able to and actually LOSE weight. Okay, it’s only been about a pound a week, but for me, it is a dream come true! Especially since I had my cartilage trimmed in my knee and have been unable to run for the last 2 1/2 months!

A side note here: I have had an eating disorder, or so I thought, all of my life. My poor mom: I weighed 10 pounds when I was born, my mom was 5ft and maybe 100 pounds….. My highest weight was 225 in high school (the last time I looked at the scale anyway), and I have been a yoyo until the last 8 years. Running and triathlon have been my lifestyle fix. Endurance sports really did save my life and pushed me into researching nutrition to the point that I am now.

So, here I am enjoying all of the comfort foods I so missed all these years because I listened to EVERYONE and didn’t research for myself. I have a “Blog” acquaintance that has done something similar in that he has researched and found what seems to be working for him and putting him into a healthy state.(His blog site is Cafe moi) I encourage him and anyone reading this to PLEASE listen to your intuition when it comes to your health. It’s not a one size fits all nutrition world, and we are learning so much about how what we put in our body creates our health.

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!






The Smartest Species

11 Aug

The Smartest Species


Good ole SoCal

4 Aug

Good ole' SoCal

Some of my favorite memories along this stretch of beach at Crystal Cove. T&D on their trip here from Kona. Me and my husband. And memories of just me running along the cliffs on the topside of the cove. Great little restaurant there too!

2 out of 3 is pretty LUCKIE, girl!

4 Aug

Just so you know, the three prior posts were mainly for me to remember how luckie I am to have a wonderful support system with my family and friends and an amazing orthopedic surgeon. I really have to give Dr. Brad Bruns a bit of credit in that he always emphasizes the positive and minimizes the negative aspects of both my injuries and my age.

This time around though he was a bit more blunt (which I truly appreciate, I hate when ANYONE is equivocal.) It seems the cartilage in my knee was pretty chewed up with the falls I’d taken. With the smoothing of the cartilage comes thinning as well which could lead to early onset arthritis. The bad news is no running for probably a year in hopes that glucosamine and chondroitin can help rebuild some of the cartilage (I know, the clinical trials say that it doesn’t work. I say healing from within does!I think there is a HUGE mental aspect to the whole picture). The good news is I can still bike and swim and possibly run again. I still have my mind’s eye set on The Ironman World Championships in Kona. (Of course by lottery, it seems my age group keeps getting faster, and the girls just WON’T give up and go crochet in a rocker somewhere, therefore I haven’t a very good chance of making it on my own finishing time!)

Now that the whole running thing has been taken out of the training equation, I am luckie enough to have a very talented cycling coach (Justin) to get me to the next level of my biking endeavor. For me cycling is much more social than running, and in my case, probably a lot safer!

Keep the rubber side down!