2 out of 3 is pretty LUCKIE, girl!

4 Aug

Just so you know, the three prior posts were mainly for me to remember how luckie I am to have a wonderful support system with my family and friends and an amazing orthopedic surgeon. I really have to give Dr. Brad Bruns a bit of credit in that he always emphasizes the positive and minimizes the negative aspects of both my injuries and my age.

This time around though he was a bit more blunt (which I truly appreciate, I hate when ANYONE is equivocal.) It seems the cartilage in my knee was pretty chewed up with the falls I’d taken. With the smoothing of the cartilage comes thinning as well which could lead to early onset arthritis. The bad news is no running for probably a year in hopes that glucosamine and chondroitin can help rebuild some of the cartilage (I know, the clinical trials say that it doesn’t work. I say healing from within does!I think there is a HUGE mental aspect to the whole picture). The good news is I can still bike and swim and possibly run again. I still have my mind’s eye set on The Ironman World Championships in Kona. (Of course by lottery, it seems my age group keeps getting faster, and the girls just WON’T give up and go crochet in a rocker somewhere, therefore I haven’t a very good chance of making it on my own finishing time!)

Now that the whole running thing has been taken out of the training equation, I am luckie enough to have a very talented cycling coach (Justin) to get me to the next level of my biking endeavor. For me cycling is much more social than running, and in my case, probably a lot safer!

Keep the rubber side down!


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