TRUE Transparency OR How I Almost F.U.B.A.R.’d my Health

18 Aug

Unlike the political figures we are dealing with, I will be truly transparent in this blog.

If you’ve been reading along, you know that I have been dealing with elevated cholesterol and triglycerides. My doctor took me off of my medication assuring me that since my cholesterol levels and triglycerides were below acceptable norms I would be okay going off of them for six weeks.

During that time I decided to pay careful attention to my diet, and I switched from a low fat animal/plant based to a low fat vegan/plant based nutrition plan. The only oils I consumed were attached to a plant.

I had my blood work done and today was the “Day of Truth”. I was SO excited to get the results. My Nurse Practitioner was running behind, but I waited patiently. When she came in and the greetings were done, I told her I was excited to hear the numbers, and that I knew they would be amazing! She said “Yeah, not really! There actually ALARMINGLY HIGH!” You’re Total Cholesterol is 259 and your triglycerides are 366.” “I want a recount!” I exclaimed. “There’s NO WAY that is correct! I have been the model for a vegan/plant based diet!” She said “Well, you can either change your diet or change your parents.”

So, back on the Advicor I go. The thing is, NOW I’m almost afraid to exercise! CRAPCICLES!

I really am trying to be positive about all of this. At least now I can again enjoy a nice buffalo burger and some sushi!  The plant based thing wasn’t difficult by any means, but just so different, and apparently not in my genetic make up.

So, stay healthy, stay happy!


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