Sleep Deprivation And Other Perceived Maladies

14 Sep
Temple Bar

“City Center” Temple Bar, Dublin

This particular journey started on September 12th at 03:00. It is now Sept 14th 05:05. I have had approximately 4 hours sleep. I must be honest though, I have crossed multiple time zones, therefore it is probably more like Sept. 13th at 23:55.

I am in a lovely hotel room in Ashbourne Ireland waiting to travel out to The Cliffs Of Moher, or Mohr, or Mohar or something that sounds close to that.

About last night: we ended up in Temple Bar at a nice little upstairs pub called The Old Mill. GREAT GRUB! Okay, SUPERBLY FANTASTIC! Then wondered back to catch the bus at 10:30. We arrived at 09:50 and waited…….until 11:30! YES, that is correct! And OUR bus never showed. So, being the adventurers we are (tongue in cheek) we boarded a bus that took us pretty close to where we needed to be to get back to the hotel. The only caveat: it was raining and incredibly windy. The kind of misty rain thatĀ isn’t so bad if it’s just misting. BUT this was being blown at us like a sand storm. My ears are still red from the stinging they got.

So, off to bed I went at 01:00 and didn’t sleep a wink. I’ve a feeling the bus ride to the cliffs will be my “nap time’.

It truly is a beautiful place. I’ll keep ya’ posted!

2 Responses to “Sleep Deprivation And Other Perceived Maladies”

  1. Todd Benefiel September 16, 2012 at 7:53 am #

    I hope the rest of the days there are just as cool! I know if I went on a trip overseas, I probably wouldn’t sleep at all, either. Especially if I was in Amsterdam.

    • oneluckiegirl September 16, 2012 at 9:33 pm #

      if you should decide to go to Amsterdam I will be sure to give you my brother AND my nephew’s numbers. I’m sure they will be happy to make sure your sleep deprivation is for good cause. Deprivation and depravity, hmmmm; they sound so similar……..

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