3 Oct

The adventure continues!

We left yesterday by train for Belfast. The train ride was kind of fun. We don’t have anything resembling it in Arizona! We were on a “tour” with Ireland Railtours. There were about 45-50 “ducks”. I call us that because I’ve noticed that when one is on said “tours” one becomes just another “duck” following along where ever the first duck goes. I really dislike that part of it.

So, here’s a “brief” description of the journey: The train portion was about 2 hours or so. Brendan was our “host” for the train portion. He became very emotional talking to us about the “fighting”, I truly thought he was going to cry.

We arrived in Belfast, hopped off the train and were “quacking” along to the bus. Then it was about ANOTHER 2 hour ride to “Bushmills Distillery. I’m not much of an Irish Whiskey girl. I prefer Guinness, Tequila, or good old made in the U.S.A. Jack Daniels, or Wild Turkey. We were pretty much forced to eat there as well. It was “catered” by ARAMARK, yes, the same folks that serve re-warmed crap in the states. Think airline food gone awry. It truly was God Awful! We threw most of ours out and ended up at the convenience store across the street. Back on the bus! Next stop: Giants Causeway. It is apparently one of the 7 wonders of the world. Hmmm, I don’t recall that one being on the list, but…… Here’s a couple of pics: Giants Causeway

After an amazing piece of apple pie and coffee at the causeway, we were off to Rede Bridge. It is a 60 foot bridge spanning across an 80 foot gorge. Apparently so terrifying, that some have to be ferried back to the main portion of land by boat.

Rede Bridge

It was a nice ride back to Belfast and the “World Renowned” Europa Hotel. Well known for its weekly if not daily bombing during the height of the conflict. A nice Irish Coffee at the Crown Bar across the street, then off to bed.

We were on the “On/Off” bus in Belfast. It was all going well, seeing some sites; the new Titanic Museum, a few churches. Then it got a bit morose. The tour guide began her politicking about the conflict as we travelled through the area most directly affected by “the war”.  It seemed to me that neither side wants to forgive or forget. Made for a rather melancholy end to what could have been a somewhat nice journey.

Well, back on the train to Dublin and packing for Paris!

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