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Changin’ It Up Just A Bit

21 Jul

If you’ve been following along, then you know that I’m a pretty avid “athlete”. I say that loosely because I’m not at all fast, and I’m really not very good at it. The one thing I will say, is that I have a HUGE passion for sport. Except maybe Curling, and that gymnastics thing they do with a ball and some dopey ribbon on a stick. (A.D.D. kicked in, pardon).

So, I’ve taken away a “sport” from my disciplines. Let me just say this: I HATE SWIMMING! I hate swimming with the same passion I love other sports. So, that being said, it makes training for triathlon VERY difficult! So, it’s gone. Off the list of “things to do today”!

I’ve exchanged my triathlon days for duathlon (just run/bike/run). The problem is this, with the exception of a race in Switzerland, the Zofingen duathlon,, there isn’t much out there in the way of long course racing. I want something like 13.1mile run, 140mile bike, and a 26.2 mile run. OR LONGER! 

So, my blog will still be about fun in the sun, but more dedicated to seeing just how fast I can run at 54 years old. My training for a half marathon in November (November 3, to be exact) and a marathon on January 19, 2014 starts tomorrow. Those are my goal races, SO FAR. I’ll see if I can throw in a duathlon and a bike race before hand.

So, stay tuned all you cool cats!

Keep the rubber side down kiddies!

The Time When You Truly Need A Friend, Is When You Find Yourself

13 Jul

The Time When You Truly Need A Friend, Is When You Find Yourself.

The Time When You Truly Need A Friend, Is When You Find Yourself

13 Jul

The Time When You Truly Need A Friend, Is When You Find Yourself.

The Time When You Truly Need A Friend, Is When You Find Yourself

13 Jul

Maybe the title should read: What do you do when your “ride buddy” calls in sick? 

Yes, I did come up with that title on my own. I wrote it down many years ago when I truly needed a friend to talk to. But, that’s another story.

I have yet to meet said “ride buddy”, but hearsay has it that we ride at about the same speed and have the same goals in place. She is racing Ironman Arizona and I continue to train for any and all possibilities! I received a text message about 04:00 that she was too ill to meet for our 05:30 tires down ride through McDowell Mountain into New River and up 9 mile hill. 

So, off I went. I looked to the East and had Golden Earring’s classic “Radar Love” find it’s way into my head. Particularly “Slip into a nude sunrise”.ImageI took off to the West, I wasn’t feeling so hot myself. My gut was a bit “iffy”. I took a pretty slow ride over to Paradise Valley. It was an absolutely gorgeous morning though. I made it to Tatum Blvd., one of the “crossing” hazards of the ride. Four lanes of traffic plus the suicide lane. Ahhh, but it’s SATURDAY at 06:00 and folks are still sleeping! I had a clear shot.

I knew I needed to get something in my gut, I had another 3 hours of riding to get through!

I searched my bento box for some TUMS, found the little bag I keep them in, but wait! There’s something MUCH better in here! GINGER CHEWS! And it wasn’t dried out either!!!! That did the trick! Thirty minutes later I downed a GU Peanut Butter gel and started the “interval training” for the session. A couple of inclines along Cheney up into “Deep Pockets” and “Fancy Pants” neighborhoods at the foothills of Mummy Mountain and Camelback. I hit my goals AND got some pic’s to share. Side note: I also took 4 date and coconut rolls with me. They were amazing fuel!ImageThis is one of my favorite views headed west on Solano Drive, It’s a flat portion of road, so it lends to a beautiful view if you look up. Locally, we call it Praying Monk. I’m not sure what the real name is. 

I cut across Camelback Road just west of Scottsdale Fashion Square. Again, no traffic light to help me out! But, again, the mall doesn’t open until 10:00! I rode through the wonderful neighborhood of Arcadia. (More deep pockets!) What’s nice about “Old Money” neighborhoods is that people don’t really live there. So the roads are pretty vacant most of the time. At least early morning on the week ends! AND they usually are extremely cautious when driving. I mean, who wants cheap ass bike paint spoiling their Bentley?

There aren’t many cars, but let me tell you: The Tour de France brings out EVERY cyclist within 20 miles in this little area! And all the “bad ass” week end warriors on their bikes with their buddies trying to out sprint each other. It’s kind of funny to watch actually!

I head back into PV the way I went out. Here’s a pic of one of the more unusual architectural “old neighborhood” designs. Appropriately, this is on Casa Blanca Road.

ImageI thought the saguaro was kind of comical looking set between the two minarets. 

Another 50 miler in the books. Not too fast, but it got done!

Keep the rubber side down my friends.


12 Jul

So, I’ve been in a bit of a writing funk. I thought rambling might help shake out the dried up crap in my brain.

So, I started thinking of rambling. I ended up watching a young Steve Martin with a banjo “I’m a ramblin’, just a ramblin’ guy.”, On YouTube. Then I remembered the first time I saw him. We were in Las Vegas for my high school graduation. He was the opening act for Helen Reddy. So what ever happened to HER? She is alive and well and living back in the USA as of January 2013. 

Why are people offended by words? We have this new “law” at work now. NO foul language. So, what do we do? We make up shit and give it the meaning of the offensive word. How stupid and egotistical and childish and fucking fun is THAT? I mean, we’re ALL over the age of 18, and we just can’t allow another Politically INCORRECT item to be taken away from us. We even have little clusters of us that have formed subversive, covert units of Politically Incorrectness. 

I think this is why our society is becoming so violent and just plain nasty toward each other. We can’t even look at each other without the other being offended in some way. No wonder kids today are focused on their iPods! Shit, it’s the only way they can stay out of trouble!

The only thing that truly offends me is terminal ignorance. I deplore it! There’s no excuse for it. That’s what GOOGLE is for. Look it up stupid! Even if you misspell it, GOOGLE will figure it out for you!

GOOGLE. THAT is the company I want to work for! Is 54 too old to change careers? How much debt would I incur going back to school. Would it be worth it? Yes, if I what I did for “work” were my passion. 

Passion Fruit. Lilikoi. I had a piece of lilikoi pie once. I licked the plate. We were at a restaurant. I think they’d seen that move before. They weren’t offended. I love pie. I think PIE will be the next big “food” item to make the “hot list”. 

Yes, I am rambling. My mom had a Rambler when I was little. We had a lot of old used cars when I was little. I remember her telling me once “Honey, if the car catches on fire, just get out and run. I’ll be okay.” Seriously! 

My first car DID catch on fire. It was a 1978 Triumph Spitfire. It was brand new. The catalytic converter overheated and caught the engine on fire. It got fixed. I slept in that car in the parking lot of Scottsdale Fashion Square when I was 19. I didn’t have the $6.00 for a nights lodging at the Motel 6 down the block. Seriously! That was in 1978……The T.V. cost an extra quarter. They gave you a key that somehow turned it “on”.

I’ve lived in a lot of motels. A lot of “Motor Lodges” “Motor Courts”, and the occasional Trailer Park. Just rambling through.

So I will leave you with the lyrics of a song that always motivates me:

“You don’t need to know who may help you make it come true, just say SOMEDAY I WILL You don’t have to work it all out, you don’t have to tear it all apart, all you need is a place to start. And if it never worked before, try it just once more. That’s what your heart is for. Whether it’s big or small, if you have a passion at all. Just say someday I will.” Jimmy Buffett.

My life: I wouldn’t change a thing.