5 Aug

Once again I got this wild hair up my butt about getting myself in a more healthy state. As you’ve read (If you’ve been following along), I’ve had to readjust my sails recently in the area of my sporting life. With the mega doses of endurance training a faint twinkle as I look behind me, I needed another goal to keep me motivated to do some form of exercise.

It just so happens that my gym (LIFETIME FITNESS) is holding a “90 day challenge”. You can choose to be a big “loser” or be a “transformer”. I chose the latter as I don’t have a HUGE amount of weight to lose, but I could certainly transform quite a few muscle regions! So, I bought into it lock stock and two “super greens” filled barrels! I took out a second mortgage on my house and did one of those car “title loans” to pay for the trainer, the blood work, the cortisol screening thing, the dietician (yes, this gym actually has a R.D.!) There’s $10,000.00 at stake here kiddies! Not to mention a trip to Vegas and a free one year membership to the gym!  Oh, and did I mention the supplements, vitamins and the protein drink mix? I have to admit, their products are top notch and organic, and not any more expensive than what I pay at Whole Foods, so I really can’t complain. I didn’t buy into the “detox” program though. I need to keep some sort of toxin in my system! I’m sure I’ll be giving up my lovely Anejo and my Grande Marnier for 90 days!  


I think I’ll pretend that I’m in the 4th Ave. Jail and I have a choice of what the dietician says I should eat, or the green bologna that Sheriff Joe hands out. And I couldn’t drink alcohol if I were there, so that should help keep me in line with the nutrition aspect.

As for what the trainer has in store for me, well, I hope it’s worth the loot I put out! He better leave me for dead at the end of each session or I’ll demand my money back!!! You know the old saying “That which does not kill me, I will chase down and eat for dinner!” My trainer’s name is Thomas. He’s young, and I hope not so naive as to let me get away with my plethora of “I didn’t work out because….” excuses. 

My real motive for doing this now is that I have that marathon coming up in January and I really want to gain some muscle and drop about 20 pounds so that I can make the BQ time.

I’ll keep ya’ posted!





  1. Todd Benefiel August 7, 2013 at 1:00 am #

    I totally agree: if I had to choose between being a ‘loser’ or a ‘transformer’, I’d totally take transformer, too, without hesitation. Are you kidding? Being able to change into a sports car or a giant robot that can crush anything that gets in its path? Yeah, I’ll go with that one!

    And there’s a Megan Fox joke in there somewhere, but I’m having a hard time finding it.

    • oneluckiegirl August 7, 2013 at 3:01 am #

      EXACTLY! I think it has something to do with a yellow Camaro?

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