Clinging To The “Wagon”

19 Aug

I’m not quite as enthusiastically “on board” as I was in the beginning with this little experiment, but I’m still attempting to “KLINGON”!

I dropped about a pound in my first week (I had actually dropped about 4, but then the carb-drain hit my brain and I actually ate something besides protein!) BUT I did manage to drop 2% body fat. So, I’ll settle for that.

The little “Registered Dietician”, who’s name I cannot seem to find on any “Registered Dietician” website, nor can I find any mention of her other than “A…..ibaby1” on some social media site. OH, YES! I DO LOVE DIGGING AND FINDING THAT PEOPLE ARE NOT WHAT THEY CLAIM! Or companies for that matter! And I will keep digging until I find the truth. Maybe she just doesn’t have her official credentials yet?  Hey, I’m trying to be a Pollyanna!

Okay, on with the experiment. I’ve talked to several friends who are very involved in weight lifting. They have concurred (much to my chagrin), that yes, one can survive on 100gm of carbohydrate AND lift heavy! DAMN IT! BUT, I’ve been doing some research and it’s actually better to low-no carb it during the day and “Back Carb” at night. OR low carb it during the week and have a pig out day on the last day of the week end. It apparently shocks your system. I’m still experimenting.

I weighed in yesterday at 142.6 pounds. I ate an entire a bowl of oatmeal with almond butter at breakfast. Drank a protein shake with added maple syrup (the protein drink had stevia) after my weight lifting session, and I ate an entire Grimaldi’s Pizza for dinner, and had about 10 Stacey’s Multigrain Pita chips while watching T.V.  I woke up to 140 pounds. I’ll take it. The true test is Tuesday. I’ll let you know.

My trainer is making things tougher, which is AWESOME! I really LOVE muscle. I mean, I feel kind of like a sculptor. The artistry is a little slower, but the outcome can be just as beautiful. And it doesn’t matter who you are. You can still develop beautiful biceps, the deceptive deltoids, and those luscious latissimus dorsi, sensuous soleus muscles!

Be strong, Be active, Stay beautiful.

Hey, sculpting takes time!

Hey, sculpting takes time!

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