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A Little Rain, A Little Breeze, And A Few Miles

8 Sep
Rain in the desert

Rain in the desert


It doesn’t look like much, but the haze over the mountains is a nice little rain shower!









Why, yes, I DID run up this hill!!!


I awoke not only to some nice dense cloud cover, but to some RAIN!!!!

I know, I know it’s JUST rain! Well, it’s not “just rain”  in the desert. It’s like CHRISTMAS when it rains! And when it rains and there’s no lightning, WELL, it’s CHRISTMAS AND MY BIRTHDAY!

So I had a WONDERFUL run this morning. Which was kind of unexpected since I did a 7 mile TEMPO run on Thursday.




Here’s the other “thing” about Thursday: I decided to try yet again, the GENERATION UCAN. I drank it as I ran along my merry way. I couldn’t get the last bit out of the bottle, so when I came home I just left it on the counter (on its side) for a few hours.  When I took the lid off to wash the bottle, there was this thick white gritty UCAN adhered to the top and side of the inside of the bottle. I mean, it was close to being cement! No wonder I’ve had such a gut issue with this stuff! I thought the diarrhea was just a little “bug” I kept getting…..every time I drank the UCAN!

So, today I took my 2 litre hydration pack and 3 GU’s. I had a GREAT run! Not like last week when I was exhausted after the first 5 miles!

I did a 12 miler today and threw in about 3 miles of hills, maintained my goal pace (actually a little faster) even with the hills and the stop lights!

So, UCAN: Go throw yourself in the garbage! And for those interested, here’s a little more “not so pretty” info on said product at  under Carb-Sane Asylum

Here’s a picture of the stuff mixed in water

UCAN, just mixed. Looks yummy, eh?

UCAN, just mixed. Looks yummy, eh?

As it "settled" as it would in the container while I was running

As it “settled” as it would in the container while I was running

After I poured off the "water" this is what's left. And probably what's left in my gut!!!!After I poured off the “water” this is what’s left. And probably what’s left in my gut!!!!

Think Positively About Others And You’ll End Up With A Hand full of Shit

2 Sep

I know I’ve been rambling quite a bit about the 90 day challenge  I’ve gotten myself into.  And I’ll continue to do so!

Here’s the latest from the last 2 weeks:

I’m the same weight as two weeks ago, but I’m down .5% body in body fat.  (That’s point five percent. NOT five percent, just so we’re straight on that.) AND I’ve now taken an allergy test by blood work and a RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) by way of a carbon dioxide breathing test that took place over a 20 min. period of “resting”. So, I’ve not gotten the allergy test back as of yet. The RMR has me at about 1370 cal.  baseline, which isn’t a whole lot of calories, especially when one is accustomed to training at a “two a days” pace.  My “metabolic” specialist was SO gracious in allowing me an additional 300 cal. since I don’t just “sit” all day at my job. Oh, plus when I work out, I get an additional 100 cal. WOW!

So, if I run 10 miles, as I did today, burn 1000 cal. + 1370 + 300 I should get 2670 cal. But instead, I get 1770? REALLY? WOW, that sucks!

Oh, and I fired my trainer. His first excuse was “My cell phone just went dead.” Then it was “My cell phone got smashed in the seat at the Cardinals game.” Next it was “My car overheated.” Then “I’ll call you later tonight, about the training sessions.” The next day he was a no show for training and finally texted when he got the message from his boss that I was not a happy client. I mean, I was really tolerant of listening to his “I’m so poor, I can’t afford to eat” crap.  I bought all the hype as well as the vitamins, protein powder, the dietician, switched the training sessions from once a week to three times a week. (Using my Personal Training package, and pretty much using it up), I even gave him the crappy whey protein powder and the “adrenomend”, that they had “highly suggested” that I purchase. Finding out after that fact that the main ingredient works on “cleansing” the liver, which in turn slows down the metabolization of some medication. The medications I take. And YES, I told them that I take statins and thyroid medication. And what do I get for being the Pollyanna, the nice lady, the person with the Rose Colored Glasses, trying to see the “good” in another human? A HAND FULL OF SHIT!  I’M GOING BACK TO BEING THE JADED “PEOPLE ARE IN IT FOR THE MONEY AND NOTHING ELSE” JERK SHIT THAT ‘VE ALWAYS BEEN. There’s no disappointment that way. Then when someone is genuinely decent, I’ll be surprised and have a nice smile on my face.

So, yesterday, to try and free my mind of the little SHIT HEAD trainer, I ran.  AND I DIDN’T USE THE FUCKING HEART RATE MONITOR either, because you know what? It doesn’t do anything except chafe my torso!  Oh, and the UCAN crap that they recommend at Lifetime Fitness? Yeah, the junk gave me a wicked gut ache and the shits! AND it didn’t “keep me going through my workout” either! Glad I brought my GU ROCTAINE for the miles after mile 5.

But I DO have a different trainer. Her name is Katie. I trained with her today. She’s a leopard seal. I am a penguin. Enough said. I think it will be a long and happy relationship. Yes, I’m trying to be positive!

Okay, rant over. Thanks for listening!

Here’s your reward:

Sunrise at Tempe Town Lake

Sunrise at Tempe Town Lake

Papago Park at Sunrise

Papago Park at Sunrise

More Sunshine!

More Sunshine!