Super Sleuth

28 Oct


My husband has been working quite a few hours this week. 

I’ve been relatively lazy. I’ve worked. I’ve trained a little. I’ve been shopping….more than usual.

I’ve abandoned any semblance of nutritional responsibility. Combine that with shopping and I now have a HUGE bag of Halloween candy in my pantry. It started out okay. A bag of Snicker “fun size” and a bag of “Butterfinger” fun size. The next day I added a bag of “Reese’s pumpkin shaped candy”, a bag of “mini” “P-nut m&m’s”, another bag of “Snickers”, a bag of “Mounds” and a bag of “Payday”.  We only have 8 kids on our block. And that’s counting the two teen agers down the street……

So, anyway, the “Recycle” can (the one inside the house) was full. I took it outside to empty it. As I poured the boxes, Reese’s wrapper, plastic, glass, Snicker wrappers, cans, Mounds wrappers, WHAT? THOSE DON’T BELONG IN THERE! Wait a minute. Theres THREE of everything in here, except the P-nut m&m’s…….hmmmmm.

My sneaky husband actually thinks he can hide the wrappers in the RECYCLE BIN???

I confronted him.

“Hey sweetie! Should I buy some more candy for Halloween?”

“Oh, NO! We have plenty!”

“Really? ‘Cause I found a whole lot of wrappers in the RECYCLE BIN!”

“Those silly dogs!”

“The dogs can’t open the recycle can.”

“That pesky cat!”

“We don’t have a cat.” 

I hope he NEVER grows up! Silly man boy!

2 Responses to “Super Sleuth”

  1. Todd Benefiel October 29, 2013 at 4:47 am #

    That photo would make a good cover to a mystery novel: Dictionary Deb and the Case of the Opposable-Thumb Canines. And who was responsible for the Peanut M&M wrappers…the parakeet?

    • oneluckiegirl October 29, 2013 at 4:07 pm #

      I give you, Todd, permission to use the photo in Super Sleuth when you write the children’s mystery novel!! And yes, it was the budgie. His name is Geoffrey, he is my very pal….. He is eating way to much

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