You Always Remember The Things You Don’t Expect

9 Mar

I decided to take the advice of a “young” friend with an old soul. 

I took the plunge and went to a “real” yoga studio. Humble Monkey. I had gone to a few yoga classes at the gym I belonged to, but they seemed impersonal and “competitive”. I’d injured myself the few times I’d gone to the classes due to my competitive nature. So, I never went back.

Since my ablation, I’m on limited exercise until my follow up. Except walking and yoga. 

I went to the “restorative” yoga class this morning. I had no idea what the difference was, or that there was one, for different yoga classes. 

I met the yogi for the class, Leslie. She was about my age, she asked the general questions. I explained my situation. She said she thought this class would be perfect. It was. The “students” remained pretty much supine for the whole class. Mostly breathing, “intention”, and stretching. 

I remained non competitive with myself. I wasn’t expecting that. 

I decided, with the extra energy I’d received, that I’d go to the drive through car wash across the street. The old 4Runner looked nice and sparkly after she got all waxed and wiped. I decided I should vacuum a bit, and wipe down the inside. As I moved to the passenger side to wipe her down, I noticed this:



Yep, not quite a sheet metal screw, but enough of a worry to send me to Discount Tire. 

The tire held up for the 2 mile drive. When I got there, the screw was gone. BUT WAIT! It seems that this tire had WAY too much wear on it. The other 3 were in pretty bad shape too. Yeah, I have the records, they weren’t selling me a bill of goods. There was close to 50,000 miles on those other 3 tires. So, I bought 4. Four new Cooper Tires. BUT WAIT! There was a rebate attached to my tires! $70.00. So WITHOUT the rebate, I still managed to get FOUR new tires for less money than I had paid for FOUR new tires in 2010. PLUS the rebate. These tires should get me to 200,000 miles on my little FABULOUS 4RUNNER! Damn I love that girl! vehicle.

I stopped for gas on my way home. I decided to see if my lottery tickets were winners, I mean, I’ve been pretty lucky all day! “We’re In The Money” started chiming. DING, DING, DING!!! $4.00 !! 

I think those are some pretty nice memories for a Saturday in March!

So, I realized today, that not everyone is out to screw me. I have a tendency to be jaded. I think it’s because it’s a lot easier on MY spirit anyway, to think everyone is out to get me. That way, if I’m “had”, I knew it was coming. No one got over on me. I want to change that. Not that I’ll ever be a Pollyanna, but I need to change my kaliedescopic lens. Let in a little more light, look at some brighter colors, change the direction in which it’s pointed.

Oh, and the yoga class was free. Now if I just had a margarita, life would be pretty close to perfect!



2 Responses to “You Always Remember The Things You Don’t Expect”

  1. Todd Benefiel March 10, 2014 at 7:26 am #

    A good day for you, which was nice, but your tire was most certainly ‘screwed’. And Target used to have frozen margaritas in a bag, for $1.99, and they were quite delicious. I don’t know if the Arizona stores still have them, but trust me, the California ones do!

  2. oneluckiegirl April 12, 2014 at 9:17 pm #

    So, I need to move BACK to California?! Maybe not a bad idea.

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